Gabinete de Psicología Clínica Glòria Giménez

Rambla de Catalunya 70 2º 1ª B - 08007 Barcelona

Specialist in clinical psychology.
Accredited cognitive psychotherapist.
Master in Anti-aging.

Glòria Giménez

Over twenty years of professional experience in ADULT AND ADOLESCENT CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY back us up in various specialisations.

The Clinical Psychology specialisation is the focal point of our practice. We carry out psychotherapeutic intervention based on COGNITIVE and BEHAVIOURIST techniques* and INTERPERSONAL THERAPY by means of prior diagnosis.

In keeping with our interest in always being up-to-date in training in PSYCHODIAGNOSIS and PSYCHOTHERAPIES – see Curriculum Vitae – we have incorporated the MASTER IN ANTI-AGING into our knowledge base. In this way, we are able to collaborate with new diagnostic medical teams in the prevention of possible cognitive deficits produced by aging (from 40 years of age), as well as in the optimization of mental and psychological aspects that a society as demanding as our own requires, carrying out specific psycho treatment.

Our practice works in partnership with doctors and specialist centres in the control of psychopharmacological treatments.

*Member of EABCT (European Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies); SCRITC (Catalan Society of Research and Behavioural Therapy); ASEPCO (Spanish Association of Cognitive Psychotherapists) and FEAP (Spanish Federation of Psychotherapist Associations).





Intelligence diagnosis and evaluation
Personality diagnosis and evaluation
Professional interest orientation
Student cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy
(Responsibility and control over studies, timetable control).
Behavioural and personality disorders
ADD. Attention deficit with/without hyperactivity
Social skills techniques


Parents/children intervention guidelines
Guidelines for parents about consultation and treatment in early childhood
Guidelines for parents about consultation and treatment in adolescents
Guidelines for mediation for separated parents
Couples therapy


Evaluation, diagnosis and psychotherapy for:
Mood disorders
Anxiety disorders
Panic attacks
Social and specific phobia
Obsessive disorders
Personality disorders
Impulsive disorders
Psychosomatic disorders
Pain clinic: chronic pain. Fibromiaglia.
Work-related anxiety. Anti-stress techniques. Mobbing.


The concept of 'know-how' is innovative in psychological therapies and refers to a fundamental knowledgebase. It is a way of conveying expertise that stems not only from technical and academic knowledge, but above all, on experience and techniques drawing on familiarity. Such 'know-how' can only be gained through a process of professional maturation.

Therapists practicing 'know-how' psychology require certain knowledge-based skills for managing different therapies, based on their own experience, mind-mapping techniques, emotional intelligence and psychological coaching.

It is recommended for:

'KNOW-HOW' PSYCHOLOGY 1 Personal and professional optimization.

'KNOW-HOW' PSYCHOLOGY 2 The development of middle management skills.

'KNOW-HOW' PSYCHOLOGY 3 Professional orientation.

'KNOW-HOW' PSYCHOLOGY 4 The development of study techniques and stress control for university students.

'KNOW-HOW' PSYCHOLOGY 5 Antiaging: The stimulation of cognitive skills in people that wish to remain active and continue working beyond the age of 50.

'KNOW-HOW' PSYCHOLOGY 6 Antiaging for professionals.

These therapies are carried out exclusively by Gloria Giménez,a specialist in and creator of 'know-how' therapies. Gloria Giménez is a member of the Spanish Society of Anti-aging Medicine and Longevity and of the Coaching Psychology Research Unit of the Catalan Psychological Association.



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